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Clover Configurator Pro V2

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Clover Configurator Pro V2

Post by MaLd0n » 31 Dec 2018, 00:48

Micky1979 present to you a new version of Clover Configurator Pro.app that will help you on your Hack!

[Local Link Removed for Guests]

-Mount EFI

-Kexts Installer

-Build Clover Bootloader

-Build HWSensors

and more!

github Link
[External Link Removed for Guests]

All Credits: Micky1979 :cap
:guitar[External Link Removed for Guests]:guitar-[Local Link Removed for Guests]:guitar

Problems with Paypal Donate? Check [Local Link Removed for Guests]

-Donated? Send me one PM-
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Clover Configurator Pro V2

Post by onemanosx » 31 Dec 2018, 01:21

[External Link Removed for Guests]
[External Link Removed for Guests]

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Clover Configurator Pro V2

Post by erroruser » 31 Dec 2018, 01:31

:guitar :guitar :guitar
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Clover Configurator Pro V2

Post by RSR1027 » 31 Dec 2018, 07:26

:guitar :guitar :guitar :guitar :guitar
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Clover Configurator Pro V2

Post by Mirone » 02 Jan 2019, 18:45

Great work as usual, Thanks Micky1979.
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Clover Configurator Pro V2

Post by loganmac » 09 Jan 2019, 18:30

Thank you
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