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HP Z820 Mojave - here we go

Posted: 17 Mar 2019, 22:00
by Flint Ironstag
Hello All,

first post, hope I'm in the right forum. I'm here to document my build from start to finish and see if it's viable for me to personally build and maintain a handful of these for a project. At least until Apple release a new Mac Pro.

Z820 non v2 BIOS
2 Xeon E5-2687W (8 core 3.1GHz)
BIOS J63 v03.94, 7/10/2018
RX 580
GT 1030
HP Thunderbolt 2 card
240GB SSD (Windows)
1TB SSD (Mojave)
2 300GB 15k spinners for misc.

handful of USB drives for booting, images, etc.

I tried bare metal with ESXi but it kept hanging on install. If this goes well, and we finally get Nvidia drivers, I have a couple of GTX 1070s ready to replace the 580.

HP Z820 Mojave - here we go

Posted: 14 May 2019, 19:45
by luser01
Did you ever find a solution to this? The 2667 and 2687 have an odd issues. I am stuck trying to get my 2667's working, been banging my head for weeks.

HP Z820 Mojave - here we go

Posted: 15 May 2019, 15:16
by Flint Ironstag
No progress, although to be fair I've been just reading and trying stuff. Haven't posted to ask the experts for help. Background:

I need Macs with GPU power to do some forensic work. I paid to have similarly specced Z820 Hackintoshed for the office. It is fast as hell! I wanted to test the feasibility of hackintoshing and maintaining a fleet of them myself. Obviously a no go - too much time and tinkering so far. I'd have to go the paid route again (if I can find the guy).

Have you tried ESXi 6.7?