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Olarila sierra not installing on dell pc

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CPU: Dell vostro 3700
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GPU: Nvidia Geforce

Olarila sierra not installing on dell pc

Post by greatgeorge539 » 23 Jul 2019, 03:02

Please help
My dell vostro 3700
Geforce GT330M
Core i5 2.53ghz
1tb and 8gb ram
Bios legacy only, no UEFI

Am trying to install olarila sierra 10.12.6 but stops at the screenshot below..
Bios is legacy and HDD partition is MBR

Please help me ASAP
Thanks in advance..
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Olarila sierra not installing on dell pc

Post by MaLd0n » 23 Jul 2019, 05:16

greatgeorge539, update clover in ur usb stick
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