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Trekstor C13-LTE Notebook Projekt

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Trekstor C13-LTE Notebook Projekt

Post by RedStarOne » 01 Nov 2018, 11:31


My second Project! Is, to INSTALL! Mac OS or
LINUX! On my Notebook (Primebook C13-LTE)
with an "ATOM" CPU (Celeron N3350), GPU Intel 505,
I think, but how can I do this?

I Have try to install LINUX! Beside Windows 10, with
DUAL! Boot, but there is no way! For me, to get this work,
on my Notebook, I Think of the secure BOOT! Feature of
the UEFI-Bios, and of cause, I have disable it, but there
is no BOOT! From a USB-Stick, no way, why???

Is there an other FREE! UEFI-Bios, like FreeBios or OpenBios,
but how? Can I bring an another BIOS! To work, on my NB!?!
Or is a similar NB! Like my Primebook C13-LTE with the same
Hardware! But from another manufacturer, so I Can download
the BIOS! From that website, and flash it over?

Can some one, HELP! me Fix this too?

PLEASE! Answer soon, THANKS!


1.) Gigabyte GA-X58A-Ud3R/INTEL X5670/GTX960(2GB)/12GB Ram/Manjaro XFCE/Win 10/Mojave 10.14.4(Olarila)
2.) Gigabyte GA-Z170X Ultra Gaming/INTEL i5-6400/GTX680(4GB)/4GB Ram/Mojave 10.14.4(Olarila)
3.) iMac 12.2/INTEL i5-2400/HD6970M(1GB)/4GB Ram/El Capitan
4.) Liantec ITX-6M45/INTEL P8600/GTX285(1GB)/8GB Ram/Win 10
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Trekstor C13-LTE Notebook Projekt

Post by MaLd0n » 02 Nov 2018, 01:08

forget it, dont have native support and video don't work
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