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HP DV6758 *dv6700* , Lion powered machine

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HP DV6758 *dv6700* , Lion powered machine

Post by miiuce » 11 Feb 2014, 19:26

Hello guys, this is my first post here, so please be kind to me. I'm not new to hackintoshing, but recently i "custom built" a laptop especially for running mac. It is a dv6700 series with a t8100 CPU, 8400m gs 256 mb GPU and 4 gb ram,and it uses ICH8M chipset.

I started my journey with snow leopard , moved to lion, and finally to mountain lion, and was determined to stick to ML, until i found that they removed shortcut keys for contrast and black on white settings, and guess that many other.
Decided to keep lion on this rig, and make it work perfect, and i mean perfect and with as much "vanilla flavor" i can.
I can't afford a real mac laptop, nor a different laptop that has better compatibility. I plan on upgrading this laptop, until there isn't much to upgrade. A t9500 cpu is planned, illuminated keyboard from another hp with same keys layout , a 1900x1200 lcd panel , and finally the GPU change if it's possible( the 17" uses 512 mb GPU).

Let's get started: Using iATKOS L2 dmg transferred to a 8gb usb, i installed using these options:
Chimera 1.6, Graphics Enabler, Built-in Ethernet, FakeSMC , AHCI Sata , CPU & NVIDIA GPU HW Sensors, PS/2 and Laptop Battery. I haven't installed Disabler, RTC patch or EV0Reboot. THE SYSTEM BOOTED FINE.

What is working : Graphics acceleration, usb , battery , cpu throttler, touchpad, keyboard , touch keys, wireless BCM43.
What isn't working: Sleep, sound, shutdown, reboot, HDMI, ethernet, card reader, graphics card gpu throttler.

Yes it is buggy, but it has speed, and because i hate windows i will stick to hackintosh until i'll have the money to buy a real macintosh .

Let the fun begin: I want to patch my DSDT and make everything working. However, after searching up and down the web, there are tons of DSDT patching but mostly to gigabyte mobos, and not suitable to noobs. I tried and failed numerous times to edit DSDT and kexts to make it work, until i decided to ask you for help.

I have original DSDT, and SMBIOS and other extracted from windows, and the basic software for this.
I also have snow leopard 10.6.3 installed onto a external HDD and a vga monitor for easy management of windows.

There is an issue with the fsb detection that i would like to correct somehow, because smbios edit doesn't make any difference. The fsb has 728 instead of 800 , and ram 607 instead of 667. Booting with "Wait=Yes" flag confirms this. If any way to correct, it will make my cpu go faster not at 1.911 Mhz like now.

If there is someone out there that is willing to help me make things work, and ultimately helping others , i'm sure there will be some way to thank you for the help.

I'm attaching my original dsdt, with smbios,and acpidump, along with some screen captures.

Thank you again!
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Re: HP DV6758 *dv6700* , Lion powered machine

Post by artur-pt » 20 Feb 2014, 12:02


there it is
read and apply

[Local Link Removed for Guests]

[Local Link Removed for Guests]

good hack
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