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Retail Lion on Ivy Bridge?

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Retail Lion on Ivy Bridge?

Post by XLR » 03 Nov 2012, 22:04

How can i install the latest AppStore Lion 10.7.4 on a H77 based computer with 3770?
Only 10.7.5 and up supports Ivy, so while i'm trying to install 10.7.4 it ends up in instant reboot.
Tried copying 10.7.5 kernel to 10.7.4 installation flash drive, but seems like it's more complicated than that...

Any ideas?
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Olarila Staff
Olarila Staff
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Re: Retail Lion on Ivy Bridge?

Post by artur-pt » 04 Nov 2012, 14:17


see this and apply

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good hack
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Re: Retail Lion on Ivy Bridge?

Post by XLR » 04 Nov 2012, 20:42

This is what i'm using right now, but it doesn't supports Ivy Bridge...

I've tried installing 10.7.5 on 2012 makbook pro 13, it didn't worked for the same reason.
So i installed 10.7.4 on older mac and then updated to 10.7.5 , and cloned the content of his HDD back to mbp13 and it worked.

The question is how to to make a 10.7.4 boot CD/USB that will work on Ivy Bridge, based on the same principles as 10.6.3 installation for Sandy Bridge?
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