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lion 10.7.4 combo update help!!!

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Joined: 02 Nov 2012, 21:47

lion 10.7.4 combo update help!!!

Post by Mko.rocco »

hi everyone, nice forum, pls i need a help whit my 10.7.2 (i just hack whit iatkos l2 dvd) now all is working well
audio,video ethernet and all work perfect..
now i need to say,, what is the secure method to run a combo update to 10.7.4??
what kext i need to save(and after restore and repair permission)???
please help me ... thx

asus p8h61
i3 3,30
8gb ram
Geforce 8400 gs 512
via VT1708s Audio
RTL8168/8111 ethernet ...
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Olarila Staff
Olarila Staff
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Motherboard: Lenovo
GPU: Intel

Re: lion 10.7.4 combo update help!!!

Post by artur-pt »


"secure method" this is hack not mac, so make a clone of u hd and do the update...

remember when u do version update all kext in system are new...

good hack
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