X79-UD3 i7 3820 - Snow Leopard sucessful install - but...

X79-UD3 i7 3820 - Snow Leopard sucessful install - but...

Postby almcback » 18 Aug 2013, 02:51

I'm building my 3th Hackintosh, (after a SL i7 870 and one CCE notebook ML i7 2760qm) with this hardware configuration:
Gigabyte x79-ud3
i7 3820
G.Skill 3x8GB 1866Mhz Ripjaws X
AMD Randeon HD 6870 1gb 256bits (i need to plug 2 vga lcd displays samsung syncmaster b1930)
Intel SSD 320 series 160GB sata 2

I sucessful installed SL with IBoot and updated to 10.6.8 version. I will install Pro Tools 9.06, so I will stay on SL.
My network works natively on SL
The onboard audio is disabled on BIOS (I will not use, I use an external soundcard).

I only can boot using GraphicsEnabler=No (fixed using Multibeast)
My graphic card is recognized by system as ATI Randeon HD ni40
I cannot boot in 64 bits mode. I tryed arch=x86_64 but did not work. Multibeast did not solved the problem too. I see 24 gb in system profiler/memory, but the os uses only 4gb. I cant use my memories in 1600mhz, only in 1333mhz.

I would be very grateful if someone can help me on this journey and sorry for bad english…

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Re: X79-UD3 i7 3820 - Snow Leopard sucessful install - but..

Postby artur-pt » 18 Aug 2013, 07:17


no support for u hardware in snow leopard...

the cpu must use legacy_kernel.. and the graphics early stage of any support of amd 6xxx series.

probably u problems come from there...

good hack
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